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Poems About Nature


Roses are soft and roses are bright.
I love the way they sparkle in the pale moonlight.

The red is for love, the soft petals for the touch.
But no flower has the beauty as such.

The Sky At Night

The sky at night is a lovely sight.
The stars twinkle in the twilight.

I could sit out underneath the sky at night.
And watch the stars come to life.

I could sit out underneath the stars at night.
Because I feel safe under the stars at night.

The Dew On Roses

The dew on roses glisten in the morning sun.
It sparkles and shines on the petals of roses.
It is not disturbed in anyway until a bee comes flying by.
The dew on roses drop to the ground,
Without the tinest of sound.
The dew on the roses are the only proof of how God gave us rain.

The Dove

The peace dove flys above the clouds, so high and free.
Flys over mountains and lands in a tree.

When you give her a flower.
She prays God will give you the power.

But love has no tears.
And also fears.

The dove is white.
And so beautiful in flight.

When you see a dove,
Splender it with love.

It's heart knows no evil or hate.
It believes in only true fate.

Love will always be there.
When there's a loving pair.

Sunrise, Sunset

The sunrise is full of brillantly bright colors.
It looks so beautiful to me.
It's the waking of the world with splendid color.

The sunset has lovely color too.
It looks so peaceful on the horizon.
It's the sleeping of the world with living color.

The Seasons

In the spring the flowers blossom, the trees grow new leaves. And the birds return from a long winters leave.

In the summer the air is hot, and the skies are blue. The beaches are crowded, and the air is filled with suntan lotion too.

In the fall the leaves turn colors, red, orange, yellow and brown. The airs cools down, and the wind often blows.

In the winter the ground is covered with pure white snow. The trees are bare. The children build snowmen. They build forts and prepare for a snowball war.

Out of these four, my favorite season will always be spring.

The Flower

The flower it shines so soft and free.
The beauty of it I can clearly see.

The flower's petals are soft and tender.
A garden of flowers is even grander.

The ground is full of beautiful flowers.
Some flowers grow higher than towers.

Most of all the flowers are here.
They'll be here for many a year.

Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars

Quiet nights, quiet stars twinkling softly in the sky.
Quiet whispers, shooting stars passing by and by.

Soft moonshine streaming through the trees.
Quietly listening to the rustling of the leaves.

Sitting on the quiet sand, sharing quiet kisses.
Watching the first star appear, making quiet wishes.

Spring Is Here

Spring is here.
The birds you hear.

The flowers grow.
There's no more snow.

The cool spring breeze.
The couples tease.

The bees buzz around.
The green grass on the ground.

A Spring Day

The flowers are smelling so sweet.
The sun is shining and full of heat.

The smell in the air after a rain.
A reason to be lazy, no need to strain.

Laying in a shade under a tree.
You look at birds wanting to be free.

The Night Sky, The Night Wind

The night sky lights up with the stars and moon.
The night wind whispers it's peaceful toon.

The night sky covers the earth like a black satin sheet.
The night sky protects the earth while it sleeps.

The night sky dances with the twinkling stars.
the night wind blows through the dancing trees from off afar.

The night wind carries a cool blowing breeze.
The night wind rustles through the trees.

The night sky may leave when the sun comes out.
But the night sky will be back without a doubt.

The Wind

The wind blows through the trees.
It whispers the words you said to me.

The wind is the only thing that reminds me of the love we once had.
I look in the mirror and see a part of you and it makes me sad.

I sit on the beach letting the wind blow through my hair.
Looking at the stars, wishing you were here.

The wind is soft and tender just like your touch.
Your touch i'm longing for so much.

In the still of the night the wind fades away.
But our love can still live if you come back to me today.

Night Heat

I lie in the night
the sheep draped
across my body.
A slight breeze
is felt
Just enough to let me know it's there.
The heat is stiffling,
hot and sticky
Night sounds come to me
As the crickets
sing their

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