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Alicia's Poetry Pages

I have written over 300 poems. I want to share some of them with you, so I made a new site just for them. I wrote these throughout the years. Some were written with a broken heart, some written with love in my eyes, some were written for the sake of poetry. But all of them were written from the heart.

These poems are all original. So please don't take any without permission.

A Sample Poem


Sharing laughs and bothers and tears.
Ridding me of foolish fears.
Special moments, special times.
Forgiving me for little crimes.
Helping when you think you can't.
Knowing when to rave or rant.
Being honest when you should.
Know you'd do all you could.
Staying when, you'd rather run.
All those times we fought and won.
Not believing all you heard.
Friendship--what a special word.

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Broken Heart

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