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Poems About Fantasy

The Legends of Unicorns

The legends of Unicorns my only be fantasy.
But deep in my heart I really believe.

I once didn't believe but now I do.
I ask you, do you believe too?

Their splendor is magnificent and more beautiful than the moon.
Their sounds of love play a tender toon.

Unicorns In The Rain

Unicorns in the rain is a peaceful sight.
Their horns glisten in the sunlight.

They play in the rain like a little child.
The rain is not strong but very mild.

Unicorns in the rain is a wonder to see.
Running through puddles and so carefree.

They play in the rain with no care at all.
Running through the forest in spring and fall.

Unicorns in the rain, under a tree.
A Unicorn, someday, I would love to see.

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