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Poems About Religion


I wonder what heaven is like.
Full of splendor and full of light.

Heaven I heard is a place of beauty.
A place of peace and a place of tranquility.

Heaven has streets of gold and the pearly gates.
But those things to see, when it's time, I have to wait.


Jesus is the one for me and you.
Won't you accept him and make your life new?

Jesus died to forget our sins.
There's only one Jesus, there is no twin.

The Devil might try to get you to come to him.
Don't go to him, your life will be dim.

Jesus will come back one of these days.
I love you Jesus your heart will say.

What If I Told You

What if I told you I was a Christian?
Would you say keep going, I'm listenin'?

What if I told you I was saved?
would you say so that's the love my heart has craved?

What if I told you, you can be saved too?
Would you say sure what do I have to do?

What if I told you I loved the Lord?
And all over this world his blood is being poured.

On Judgement Day

On Judgement Day the truth will be.
All the saints and demons will be seen.

Will you go to heaven or go to hell?
Only that question the Lord can tell.

It's what you did and what you didn't.
It's what it is and what it isn't.

It's what you've done that will proclaim the verdict.
You won't know until you've heard it.

On Judgement Day the sky will split.
And we will hear the trumpet.

I Know

I know my name's in the Lamb's Book of Life.
And aganist Satan I will fight.

I know Jesus died for me.
From Satan's grasp I am free.

I know where I'm going on Judgement Day.
"Greater is your reward," my God will say.

I know my Lord God is watching over me.
Just read the Bible, and you will see.

Take A Look At Yourself

Take a look at yourself in the mirror of life.
Tell me what you see, is it good or is it a fright?

Take a look at yourself if you are with Jesus.
Is he saying 'Come to me child and be with us"?

The mirror of life shows your true self.
You've got to find the Lord but not by yourself.

Take a look at yourself by the right hand of God.
You will have help to find God from all.

It Only Takes Once

It takes only once for the Lord to come into your heart.
And all through your life he will be a part.

It takes only once for you to ask for forgiveness.
And he says you are forgiven with all the kindness.

It took only oncy for Jesus to die.
To show he cared for you and for I.

It took only once for someone to sin.
No sin, it would still have been.

God's Land

Lavender clouds and Ruby stones.
The birds sing high in lovely tones.

Sparkling water and rich green grass.
The boats that sail made out of brass.

The bluest sky a peaceful place.
Plentiful food no need to chase.

A soft cool breeze the slow wind blows.
This is a land that God only knows.

At The Cross

At the cross is where he suffered and died.
Went through conviction and then was tried.

He bled and sweat while people spat at him.
He looked around as his eyes grew dim.

He cried out 'Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.'
He looked at the sinners and said 'I love you.'

At the cross he hung and died.
His faithfull servents stood by and cried.

At the cross he died for me and you.
He lives again within our hearts, and says 'I love you.'

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are the sole property of ©Alicia 2002-present