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Poems About Friendship


Sharing laughs and bothers and tears.
Ridding me of foolish fears.
Special moments special times.
Forgiving me for little crimes.
Helping when you think you can't
Knowing whe to rave and rant.
Being honest when you should
Knowing you did all you could.
Staying whe you'd rather run.
All those times we fought and won.
Not believing all you heard.
Friendship--what a special word.

Heart-warming friendship

You are the one who makes each day fun.
You are the one who gives me your kind love.
You seem to be the perfect friend.
So I know we'll be together till the end.
For no matter what, you're always there.
And no matter what, you always care.
A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see, it's you and me.
Together for always and never apart.
May be in distance but never in heart.

A Friend

A friend is someone you can trust.
A trusting friend is a must.

A loving friend will help you.
When you have stirred emotiong inside of you.

A friend will always have a shoulder for you to cry on.
Having a friend is a special bond.

Are there friends like that around here?
God is our friend and he's always around.

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