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Poems About Broken Hearts

A Faded Memory

The love we once had is just a faded memory.
Many tears are flowing from my eyes, can't you see?

The way you loved me is just a faded memory.
Will you ever say I love you again to me?

The words you said to me are just a faded memory.
'Cause you wanted so much to be free.

The things we used to do are just a faded memories.
Without you I will never be happy.

I'll Get Over You

I'll get over you I know I can.
I knew it wouldn't last when it began.

I'll get over you in a couple of days.
I'll get over the words you would say.

I'll get over you with no trouble at all.
I won't even look at you if I see you in the hall.

I'll get over you 'cause the way you treated me.
You've been like that from the begining but I couldn't see.

Seperate Ways

It's been a long time since we went our seperate ways.
The time lingers on through the days.

With my face towards the sky I feel the sun rays.
I feel the tears fall from my face.

We went our seperate ways but I still feel close to you.
There's an empty part in me and I know it's you.

I still feel your kiss upon my face.
The memories lift with the fog without a trace.

I remember

I remember the way you cared.
You'd hold me tight when I was scared.

I remember the warm touch of your hand.
I'd always say I was your biggest fan.

I remember the many tears I cried.
You said I hurt you and bruised your pride.

I remember how many times I begged you to come back.
But everytime I came near you, you'd turn you back.

I will always remember how close I felt to you.
But will you remember me too?

All At Once

All at once you left me in my lonely room with all the memories of our past.
When I first kissed you I never thought that it would be our last.

All at once you left me with a million tears falling from my eyes.
Wishing you would only hear all my broken cries.

All at once you told me you only wanted to be friends and nothing more.
After I gave my life to you and gave you my heart, that's now battered and torn.

All at once you left me walking alone on a lonely road.
You played with my heart from the begining, if I only had known.

I Can't Get Over You

I can't get over you.
Your so special to me.

Why did you leave me like you did?
I laid awake and cried all night.

I can't get over you like you did me.
'Cause your the only one I really loved.

I can't get over what you said.
When we were holding eachother that night.

Since You Took My Heart Away

Since you took my heart away.
I can't seem to find my way.

I'm lost without your love.
I stare at the stars from up above.

I walk on the beach alone and cold.
My sadness can never be told.

Since you took my heart away.
Lonely and empty are my days.

I've stopped crying because I have no more tears.
I stare at the world without any fears.

The Hurt You Left Me

You dragged my heart to the point of no return.
The tears kept falling I have no where to turn.

You bruised my heart inside.
Stay or leave you, I can't decide.

You said you loved me but it wasn't true.
I thought you were different, like me too.

The way you left me, it was so mean.
My heart hurts so bad it wants to scream.

I Wish

I wish that you could see me cry.
At least you'd know that I do try.

I wish that I could have you back, but it won't come true.
Cause you don't feel the same way about me as I do you.

Will you ever change your mind and come back to me?
Our love will last just do it and see.

I can't get over you but I really tried.
I knew I still loved you after the tears I've cried.

I Dream

I dream of you coming back to me.
While I sit on the beach near the sea.

You said you still love me and want me back.
And you want to set our love back on track.

I dream of you holding me in your arms.
And protecting me from any harm.

And you kiss me again with your tender lips.
The feeling of you kiss makes my heart do flips.

I dream of the warm touch of you hand.
And our feet swishing through the sand.

I dream of you looking at me with your loving eyes.
And I keep trying not to cry.

But the tears start falling down my face.
You kiss them away without a trace.

I dream of you and me under the stars and moon.
And hope it wouldn't have ended so soon.

I Think About You

I think about you all the time.
To love this lonely heart of mine.

I want you to come back to me.
I'll even beg...please.

I miss the things you'd always say.
I miss you more with each passing day.

I miss the way we'd share our feelings with eachother.
I don't ever want to find another.

I sit awake all night just thinking of you.
Do you miss me this much too?

I've Lost Him

I think I've lost the only one I'll ever truly love.
I have a broken heart with never ending trouble.

All I do is think of him while I sit and stare.
I'll sit here and wait for him, and not go anywhere.

I knew he was the one but I just let him slip away.
Now I can't get through the day without thinking of him once.

I didn't want to fall in love but I seen the love in his eyes.
And now all I hear are my own lonely cries.

Is It Really Over?

Is it really over between us two?
I don't know if I can live without you.

Is it really over can we work it out?
I can't live without you there's no doubt.

Is it really over between me and you.
Without you I wouldn't know what to do.

Is it really over, it doesn't have to be.
I only want you to be with me.

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