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Poems About Family


Mom you're so great in so many ways.
You're always there even when they're not good days.

You chase away clouds and bring the sun.
You cheer me up and we always have fun.

Whenever I need help you are always there for me.
You can't ever find love like that for free.

You make me feel better whenever I'm sad.
Whenever I do something bad I don't want you to get mad.

Whenever I'm scared or afraid of fear.
You make me feel better by saying "I love you, dear."

The best thing between a mother and a daughter is love.
It's more beautiful than ever, like a peace dove.

You help me see the light.
You make all my days bright.

I'll always love you.
That much is true.

What I'm trying to say is that we have a trust for eachother.
I really love you very much, mother.

This One's For My Brother

This one's for my brother, whom I dearly love.
Brother's are special, in their own unique way.
My brother is special, he cares for me a lot.
He watches over me every hour of every day.

My brother and I share many things.
We share our feelings, and what we have.
We bond together in brotherly-sisterly love.
We'll share these moments when that's all we have.

This one's for my brother, whom I know very well.
Remember me always and visit me when I'm out on my own.
Stick by me forever and I won't have any fears.
Whenever you're hear I know I won't be alone.

My Grandpap

My grandpap was a great man.
He was one fo a kind, he was so grand.

I'll always miss him and I'll always love him.
I just think he's only over beyond the hill.

He meant so much to me, my grandpap.
He would never have a sad face, he was always happy.

Someday I'll see him again.
And we'll talk and laugh all over again.

My Mom

My mom is special to me.
The love in her eyes I can clearly see.

When she says she loves me she really means it.
She always cheers me up whenever I'm in the pits.

My mom is great in everything she does and did.
She's loved me through all the tricks I did.

My mom lights up the room when she walks in.
This love from her has always been.

My Mom Always Says.

My mom always says "when I was a kid."
It seems funny all the things she said and did.

My mom always says "you're working for that."
Whether I want a shirt or a hat.

My mom always says she tired from all the work she has done.
So I do it for her before the day is done.

My mom always says she has always loved me and I know she means it.
Even after all the times she says "that's it!"

My Mom, My Best Friend

You are not only my mother, you are my best friend.
The one who stands guard over me, when times are tough.
The one who lends a shoulder to lean on, when it is needed.
Even when you are tired, you still find time to listen to my problems.
You are the one I turn to when things are going wrong.
The one I share my accomplishments and defeats with.
I know I may not say it often, but I love you.
You are my best friend.
You are my mom.


Mother, you are special in so many ways.
You are always there to care for me each day.
Whenever my tears start to fall.
You are always there to stop them all.
And whenever life gets rough.
You are always there standing tough.
Now I hope that you can see.
Just how much you mean to me.

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