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Poems About Love

My Angel, My Love

My angel, my love you are so dear.
Whenever you're around I feel no fear.

You're special to me in every way.
Your love increases each passing day.

My angel, my love please tell me true.
That our love will always stay brand new.

My angel, my love I care for you a lot.
I dream of you in very deep thought.

With You Around

With you around I feel no foe.
You give my soul a time to grow.

Your voice is of the sweetest sound.
You make the flowers dance that grow in the ground.

Your eyes sparkle of radiant light.
Your look is full of colors that are bright.

When you're around I fear no foe.
Your loveliness lets my soul to grow.


Moments of loveliness and moments of cheer.
They are all happy moments when you are here.

Moments of tenderness and holding me tight.
We shall share these moments on a starlit night.

Moments of sadness when you're not here.
But when you're here there's no more tears.

There are moments to love and moments to hate.
But when we're together it's both our fates.

Your love is so sweet, your kiss so true.
They're all moments of love when I'm with you.

This Could Be The Night

This could be the night we show our love to eachother.
I want you to kiss me and hold me tight.

This could be the night we'll see our love shine.
I'll be your Juliet and you my Romeo.

We can make this night what we want.
All we need is eachother and the moonlit night.

This could be the night for you and me.

In The Still Of The Night

In the still of the night.
You are holding me tight.

You kiss me so softly and tenderly sweet.
On the beach we let the water sweep over our feet.

We could sit all night
Just holding eachother tight.

Your kisses are so tender and soft.
In the still of the night is where we can hold eachother a lot.

My Love For You

My love for you words can never say.
I think of you each and every day.

I dream about you when I sleep.
My love for you is in my heart very deep.

I think about you all the time.
Your name never leaves my mind.

When I hear your name the thought of your face runs through my head.
I sleep at night wishing you we're beside me in my bed.

God must have known that you are the right one for me.
So he sent you down here to love me for eternity.

I see your love sailing in from the ocean.
We're dancing like beautiful swans in motion.

My love for you, I told you this.
All I want is your loving kiss.

Our love is alive with living color.
It flys in the sky where butterflys flutter.

My heart soars like a bird in flight.
Your eyes sparkle, so shiny and bright.

My heart can't tell you no.
But yet it grows and grows.

You're the best thing around.
When I see your face my heart makes a beautiful sound.

I'll always love you this love is all for you.
Our love never gets old, it will always stay brand new.

With your love it's no tradegy.
But always a beautiful melody.

The Way You Make Me Feel

The way you make me feel is special to me.

You're the reason I live each day of my life.

You make me feel like I'm on top of the world.

You make all my emotions explode all at once.

You make me show my feelings for you.

The way you make me feel is special to me.

Eternal Love

Forever we will be together.
Because eternity never ends.

If I die I want to die with you. So then we can spend eternity together.
Then our love will last and last.

I love you with all my heart.
I don't want to see that end.

You're all I got.
So please don't leave me.
Stay with me forever and ever.

My love for you is not as strong for anyone else but you.
I hope you love me as much as I love you.

I pray at night that we will be together forever until the end of time.

Our Love Will Never Die

Our love will never die if we really love eachother.
We look into eachother's eyes as we talk to one another.

I shall love you always and I will be so true.
And when you're gone away I will miss you.

Our love will never die as long as we stay together.
Our love will last forever and ever.

What Does He Mean To Me?

What does he mean to me, I think to myself.
He believes in love in the world but most important he believes in himself.

He's one of a kind and knows what's right and wrong.
He whispers words of love in my ear and sings me a beautiful song.

I know he loves me and he knows I love him.
We have our heads above the clouds with golden trims.

That's what he means to me.


Your eyes are so lovely, your mouth so sweet.
Your touch is so soft, your body so sleek.

Your kiss is so tender, your arms so strong.
Your voice so quiet, our bodies together where they belong.

Your hugs so warm, your lips so cold.
Your hair so long, your soul so calm.

The Night Is Young

The night is young so let's not hurry.
Let's just hold eachother's hand.

If our love is true we won't have to rush.
Cause our love is oh so real.

Our love will stand the test of time.
Will we ever, only time will tell.

The night is young , just kiss me again.
The love in your eyes is that like an angel.

Our Song

Our song is soft and tender in words.
It's melody is like the singing birds.

Our song is all we have to share.
Our love be gone I could not bare.

My love for you is like that song.
The words they sing are not at all wrong.

We listen to our song on the beach at night.
When you kiss me and hold me tight.

Our song will always stay in my heart.
Even if we have to part.

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