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April 30: I can't believe it's almost May already. That means that Lillian will be a year old in a month. That's hard to believe. She is growing up so fast. Thank you to everyone that has visited me lately. I will try and stop by to see you all too. It makes it hard when my browser won't let me see certain pages. Hopefully we will get our new computer soon. We had it paid for but we had to get the money back because we needed it. So now we have to pay for it all over again. It won't be too hard because it's only $200. My husband is helping the friend that is building our computer, unpack all their things because they just moved into a new house. We have been talking about getting a house but right now we can't afford it. We are going to start saving some money back for a down payment on one. We also might just wait until we move to North Carolina too, which would probably be a better idea. The weather was really nice today during the morning and early afternoon hours. Lilly and I walked up to my mom's and I washed a load of laundry. When John came home he showed me his yearbook that he got. Then he went outside to play. We came back in little bit ago because it started to pour down rain. It was funny to see him run and scream. He just got out of the bathtub and is now in his room watching a movie. I told him I would come in watch it with him so that's what I'm going to do now. I will try and visit some of you tonight.

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April 29: Today was actually a pretty good day. I had a talk with on of the parents of the kid that's been picking on John. I explained to her that I didn't like the fact that he has been making fun of John every single day. I also said that I understood that kids will be kids but being called names and basically emotionally tortured everyday is too extreme. So when her son came down stairs to get his shoes on for school we both talked to him and John. We said they don't have to like eachother but since we all have to live here then we need to get along. When they got home from school there wasn't any problems. I was relieved and I hope it continues to stay like this. I talked to the other parents last night and today. I told them the same thing. The constant "torture" has to stop. I am getting sick of it. And hopefully it has come to a halt. I found John a new pet. It was quite a surprise to me though because I just looked down when I went to get John to ask him a question. I walked back toward the house when he started coming back and I saw what looked like a fake turtle toy. Well when I went to take a closer look I saw that the turtle poked it's head back in it's shell. It is no bigger round then a quarter. It is small and very cute. It was just sitting on the curb edge all alone. One of the kid's mother here said that there are usually more turtles around when they are just babies but I didn't see any, unless they were down in the drain where that one was next to. We named him Mushu, from the dragon in Mulan. I think it's a Box Turtle because it doesn't have the markings to be a Water Turtle and it doesn't have a mouth like a Snapping Turtle. Right now we have it in a fish bowl until I dig out the aquarium that we had for the other turtle he used to have. My husband and I talked about it and we decided to let him keep it because it would teach him responsibility. And also he is older than what he was when he had the water turtle. Since both of the gerbils died, the turtle is our only pet now. Well I am go talk to a friend of mine who called me and wanted me to come out and talk to her.

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April 28: Today was a pretty good day to begin with. We had our re-inspection because of the closets and carpet. We passed that. She said that it was just that and we didn't have to worry about not passing anymore if we just keep it the way it is right now. Hopefully we can do that because the carpet is crap. I don't know what kind of carpet the 3 bedrooms have in them but I sure hope it isn't the kind of carpet it is in ours now. My husband went to help his friend finish moving and he's not back yet. My mom and I are both upset with him because he wouldn't stay home and watch the kids for me for only an hour and a half. We took them to Wendy's to play bingo with us but John wouldn't behave. My mom got really upset and we ended up leaving early. I hate to see her get worked up because she has had so many strokes. I called her a little bit ago to see if she was alright. She said she was and she sounded a lot more calmer. I told her that I would talk to Shawn and let him know that she gets upset with him because he doesn't want to do anything with us it seems. He does have a tendency to do that but he is a good father overall. It's also hard for us to do anything as a family too much because he works a lot. But when he has a day off I would like for him to give me a little break. I think all you mothers out there now what I mean. We deserve a break once and awhile. I know he loves us but it's hard sometimes. I added my homework assignments for May 1st.

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April 27: Yesterday was a busy day. John went to a birthday party at a skating rink. It was for one of his friends in his class. He had a really good time. There was another little girl from his class that was also there, they were holding hands while they skated. It was cute. After the party we went on a picnic in the park. John played on the swings for a little bit while we sat and finished eating. By the time we got home I was tired so I took a shower and just went to bed. Today was just as busy. My best friend came over and brought her son so that he could play awhile with John. After they left I had John and Lilly lay down for a nap. My mom called before she came to pick us up so that I could get them up and ready. We went to see a show. They called it a circus but it really wasn't. It had Russian acrobats. It was pretty entertaining. Lilly was getting so excited it was really cute to see that. John won a prize at the half time intermission. When that was over we went to Burger King. By the time we got home it was too late to give John his bath so he is in his room right now sleeping. I can hear Lillian jabbering away but she will probably be out soon too. I am going to head to bed myself here in a bit. My husband is helping a friend of his move so he won't be home for a couple more hours. I probably won't wait up for him because I am getting tired.

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April 25: Sorry there was no post for Thursday, I just didn't feel very good and I wasn't on the computer very much yesterday. Today was just like yesterday but I am posting today so that you won't think anything is wrong. I am feeling okay. I just have an upset stomach and my kidneys are still hurting from the UTI. I am, however, getting rid of that. It's almost gone. I just remember I forgot to call the doctor today, OOPS! Oh well, the medicine is clearing it up so I guess there's nothing to worry about. Why is it that when you are trying to teach your children values there are others that spoil your work? We are trying to teach our son that he shouldn't fight, hit, or call people names but there are other kids here where we live that constantly pick on him. He came home today with a big mark on his back but all the other kids said that John hit the other boy first. Now this is the same boy that is always picking on him at the bus stop and here at our own playground. I am trying to tell John that it is not right to hit other kids for no reason and he shouldn't even hit back. But all my efforts are going to waste because the other parents aren't teaching their children to do the same thing. John will learn and someday those other kids are going to get what they deserve. They have no respect for other grown-ups, no respect for their own parents even. I will continue to teach him what is right. One of the parents, who is supposed to be a friend of mine, tells me that I need to beat my kid more often. I don't believe in that kind of punishment. Well I am teaching my child to respect adults and to not fight. That's all I can do and maybe if the other parents see that it is working then they will teach theirs the same.

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April 23: Before Shawn took the Rug Doctor back to the store, he cleaned my mom's carpets for her. We figured why not since we had it for 24 hours. It was pretty cold outside today. This weather is crazy lately. One day it's hot and the next it's cold. I love the Springtime but this is nuts. Lillian and I took a nap when Shawn left to take the Rug Doctor back, then he went to go help his friend get his new house ready to move into. When John got home, my mom, Lillian and I took him to go get impressions of his feet done so that he can get inserts for his foot. Then my mom had to go pick up her prescription from the store. After that we took the kid's to Burger King. We just went through the drive-through. When we got home, I let John play outside until about 8 o'clock. He and Lillian are taking a bath right now. I am about to go give her a bath and get her out. She has been fussing so I think she is ready for bed. John is going to get his bath and eat his snack while watching a movie before he goes to bed. I am going to read his Library book to him before he has to take it back tomorrow. He and his class had their group picture done today. I am feeling a little better. The pain is not as bad when I have to go to the bathroom but my back is still hurting. I think this prescription is great. It's fast working. Well I better get in there and get her out of the tub. It sounds like she having fun though. She is splashing and laughing.

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April 22: John went back to school today. After I put him on the bus I laid back down for a little bit since Lillian was still sleeping. Shawn and I got up around 9:30. We stayed in bed and just talked for a while. I called my gynocologist this morning because I have been having pain when I go to the bathroom since yesterday afternoon. I knew it was a Urinary Tract Infection because I've had them before. The doctor told me to go ahead and come in. So we went to her office and I got a prescription. I have been having some back pain too and she said that was caused from the UTI as well. I have to drink Cranberry Juice and take the medicine for a week. Hopefully it will start working soon because it hurts. After the doctor we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate lunch. Then we went to rent a Rug Doctor so we could clean the carpets. After we got that we came home and Shawn cleaned the carpets. It made a big difference. It was amazing. I straightened up the closet while he was doing that. Then I just rested on the couch for awhile. I am having some back pain now so I will probably go to bed early tonight. I am so tired and sore.

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April 21: John's was supposed to go to school today to make up one of the snow days they missed but we let him stay at my brother's girlfriend's house last night. He came home around noon. He was pretty tired but he didn't take a nap. I went up to my mom's and did her dishes from Easter dinner. She wasn't feeling well this morning. So I thought I would help her out. When I went back home, we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. That is a great movie. It was the first time I seen it. I can't wait to see the other ones. This evening my mom and I went to Wendy's to play bingo. I didn't win anything this time but I did get Shawn and John something to eat while we were there. I had John come in to eat his dinner then he and Lillian got their baths. John was watching the Rugrats but he fell asleep in the middle of it. I figured he would since he didn't take a nap. Both of them are out like lights. I took a shower just a few minutes ago. Shawn is downstairs watching wrestling. I am going to head down there in a few minutes. I want to download a couple of songs before I do. I hope everyone is doing well.

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April 20: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. John, Lillian and I went to church with my mom. After church we went up mom's for dinner. I helped her with it. Shawn came up. Then we all went over my grandmother's to see them. While we were over there my uncle said that he would scan some pictures for us if we brought them over, so Shawn and I rode over there. He scanned 3 pictures for us. I have a family picture and two of John & Lilly together. I fixed them and I am put them up on a page, so if you would like to see our family just click on the blinkie that says Family Pictures. Well I am going to work on a couple of other things then I am heading to bed.

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April 19: First I will tell you about yesterday since I didn't get a chance to post about it last night. We took John to his doctor appointment around noon. When we got back home I forgot to stop and get the icing for the brownies I was going to make for the picnic, so my husband went and got that for me. While he was gone I went ahead and made them. By the time he got back the brownies were cooled down enough to put the icing on. We had just enough time to get ready and go up my mom for the picnic and egg hunt. John, Lillian and I walked up and my husband took the truck and the rest of the stuff. There was quite a few kids there because my brothers both brought their girlfriend's kids. I think all of them had a good time. My mom and my aunt hid 160 eggs. They found them all too. All of them got at least $1.00 and lots of candy. After they had the egg hunt they ate. My husband and I wanted to go out so my mom said she would watch the kids. So we left while they were all eating. First we went to Garfield's and ate dinner. After that we walked around the mall a bit and stopped at Sam Goody. I picked up the Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets DVD for John for Easter. Then we went to the movies and seen Anger Management. That was a really good, funny and charming movie. After that we stopped at Walmart so that I could get a phone card for our cell phone. Then we went to the bar that my husband plays darts in his league. We played about 5 games. I won 3 out of 5. I was surprised because I hadn't played darts in a long time. Way before John was born. When we were finished we came back home and just spent some time together. Mom kept the kids all night. This morning she brought Lillian down because she had to go to work. But John stayed up their house. I did the dishes and finally got around to clean John's room. I just cleaned it for today that way when we go to rearrange it, it won't be a mess. Then I wanted to go into town to get a couple more things for John and Lilly for Easter, we went to the store and I picked up some baby food for Lillian and a couple other things. Then we stopped at the Dollar General and I got a coloring book, a couple of book for John to read and some bath toys for Lillian. While I was looking around I seen some really cute things with Ladybugs on them. I found a wind chime and a thermometer. When we got back home I took Lillian and walked back up to my mom's. I helped John color Easter eggs. After that I came home and fixed dinner for Shawn and I. Right now he is playing video games. I am about to put Lillian to bed because she is fussy. She is probably tired and it's her bed time anyway. I am going to take a shower and then I'm either going to work on a couple of things on the computer or go downstairs.

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April 17: My day started out great. I started my walking tapes again with the 2 mile. I cleaned up the house again. I was going to start on John's room but I really didn't feel like dealing with that today. I know I need to get it done but I'm putting it off for now. I will do it this weekend though. Everything was fine up until the kids came home from school. When John came home he just wanted to go outside and play so I let him. I took Lillian out and sat in the back where I could see him. The two kids that are always picking on him started their crap again. John being the passive type of person like I have been just ignored them. But they just kept at it. John started throwing stones and I told him to stop. One of the kid's parents, who is supposed to be my friend, yells at her kid, who has been picking on John, to go ahead and throw rocks back at John no matter what John's mom or dad says. I told her that I wasn't saying anything to him I was telling John to stop it. She kept yelling back at me telling me that she heard me say her son's name. First off I wasn't saying his name I was saying John or John Paul, depending on how many times I said it. Secondly I wasn't even talking to her son even though he had been picking on John all day. But of course they don't see that. Well being the kind of person I am I try to go to her house and talk to her. I took Lillian in hoping that we could have a civil conversation. She wouldn't even let me say anything. All she did was threaten me. She told me that if I wasn't holding the baby that she would hit me. She told me to leave and I was trying to talk to her calmly. Well she didn't want to hear, she said she was getting sick of all this. Well if she is getting sick of all this then she needs to teach her kid some manors and teach him to respect adults because all this kid does is mock adults and talks back. I would never let John get away with what this kid does. It just makes me so angry. I started crying because I was so upset. I even have a headache right now and my eye is twitching, that's how mad I am. Well when this ladies husband came home she was sure to tell him all about it so he came over to our apartment and threatened my husband. Now first off my husband could and would kick his butt because this guy is so skinny and short. My husband is 6'2" and weighs 200 lbs. He could easily rips this guy a new one. But being the gentleman that he is he just sat in his chair and took it. But he did say that if you don't want me to say anything to your son then call off your kid on mine because John will learn to fight back and there's not a darn thing you can do about it. It's pretty funny when the parent tells you if you have a problem then go talk to them but when you do they threaten you. It's that crazy? Well thanks for reading my venting. I am feeling better about it but if it happens again I don't know what's going to happen. I told my husband tonight that I want to move, because I am tire of all the crap. I did like living here but it's becoming a nightmare. We are talking about moving to North Carolina. I don't know when though. I did manage to get most of the remodeling done on the site. You may notice that most of the pages now match the main page. Hope you all like it I know I do.

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April 16: After my husband went to work and John went to school I went back to bed for a little bit longer because Lillian was still sleeping. When she got up finally her and I went up my mom's and started on the laundry. My mom had started a couple of loads before she went to work. So when I got up there I just had to start the washer and the dryer up again. It seemed like we didn't wash clothes for a while because there was about 10 loads. I got all the loads in the washer by the time John was due home so my mom told me that she would finish those last two loads. I had a load of jeans in the washer and a load of John's jeans in the dryer. When we got home my husband was home from work. He had gotten home about hour before we did. While I was up there doing laundry he was here rearranging our bedroom. He did a pretty good job on it too. He said he wants to get most if not all the Spring cleaning finished before his vacation so he can enjoy it. Our next project is going to be John's room. I want to rearrange it too. I don't know when he wants to do that. I am feeling a lot better today. I want to thank everyone who has visited me here lately and left very nice messages. I wish I could visit most of you but my browser is still acting up. I will try to visit some people later on. I want to watch American Idol tonight. I haven't really got to see all of it yet and I want to see who the finalists are. I am hoping that the black guy from Alabama is winning because he a wonderful singer. I hope everyone likes my new look on the front page because I sure do. As you can tell my favorite flower is the Daisy. I will be changing all of the attached pages to fit the main page here soon. That will take a while because I have quite a few pages built up here. Well I am going to take Lillian for a little walk around the complex and get John in here to take a bath so I can watch that show. I hope everyone is having a good week, mine is getting better since I am feeling better.

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April 15: Today I am feeling so much better. I still have a cough but it is more productive. In fact I was getting sick to my stomach a little from coughing up some of it. Yuck! Since I was feeling better otherwise, my husband and I cleaned the downstairs. Well first he wanted me to shave his head again, then he took a shower. While he was doing that I started without him and did the dishes. Lillian was being fussy, she wanted some attention and was getting tired, so I put her up in her crib then we started the cleaning. My husband wanted to rearrange the living room again so I let him do that. I finished cleaning the kitchen and scrub the floor. After he finished rearranging we sat and rested. I am going to do the upstairs tomorrow. My mom is letting me do laundry up her house so my husband took the clothes up there. I will do those tomorrow. By the time we got everyone straightened up again it was time to make dinner. I made Spaghetti. John came home from school just as dinner was finished so I had him eat before he went outside. It was such a beautiful day so after I finished feeding Lilly and got myself some dinner I took her outside and sat with some friends of mine for a little bit. Around 7:30 I brought them in and gave them both baths. Lillian sat in the tub and played with John for a few minutes. She didn't last too long in there because she was getting sleepy. In fact she is out like a light right now. John is eating his snack and watching a movie in his room. My husband is downstairs watching TV which when I am finished here I am going to join him. You probably have noticed that I made a few more changes to my front page. I made the blinkies for each page this morning. I am going to do my This or That before I go downstairs too. I also need to visit a few blogs. I am going to do that right now.

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April 14: I am feeling a little better today. I haven't been doing any major house cleaning since I've been sick. But I have straightened up some. My husband had the day off so we just watched TV together and played with Lillian. He went to his last darts league game for the season tonight. He is going to play in the next one which is in 3 to 6 weeks. He has the day off tomorrow so I am going to have him help me clean the house. There isn't really that many dishes in the sink but they need done. I am going to do those tomorrow. My mom took John, Lillian and I to Wendy's Restaurant to play Bingo. I won a 99 cent item coupon, my mom won the same and a salad. John was acting up some but we are going to try and go to that on Monday nights if he is good. I think he was just distracted too much. When we got home I let him play outside for a half and hour while I went down to talk to a friend of mine. Then we came in and he took a bath. Both the kids are sleeping right now. They both had a big day. My husband wanted me to tape wrestling, but instead of watching it while I taped I just set the tape up. I worked on a new template for the front page. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I also liked the frames but thought it was too hard to do. It's not that bad once you get the hang of it. Well I am going to work on a couple of things before I go to bed.

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April 13: Lillian is officially 10 months old today. Seems like yesterday I brought her home from the hospital. She is started to get on her hands and knees and attempting to crawl. She gets her butt moving but hasn't quit mastered it yet. Mom and I took the kids Easter egg hunting today at the church I used to go to. We still know a lot of people in the town I grew up. They invited us over. John found 22 eggs and Lillian found 2 eggs with the help of my mom. I think they had a good time. Lillian got passed around most of the time. John went my friends house for a little bit after the egg hunt. John and her son are friends so she let them play for a bit. When he came home he went outside. Lillian and I went down and sat with a friend of mine. We came in around 7 o'clock but I let John stay out until 7:30. They got a bath together and John is now watching a movie. He will be going to bed shortly. Lillian is already asleep. I am feeling a little better but my side is hurting from coughing so much. I might make some graphics here after I'm finished here and doing my homework assignment.

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April 12: I'm still not feeling very well. I have a headache from coughing too much. My mom took both the kids this morning so I could rest some. I watched television with my husband until Lillian came home. I was going to wait until he left for work to take a nap but Lillian was just as tired as I was, so I just gave him a kiss and went to take a nap. He left for work around 3 o'clock. Lillian and I slept until 5 o'clock. We got up and went downstairs to watch some TV. I took her and walked down to my friends house and chatted for just a little bit. I started coughing my head off so I came back up home. John is staying up my mom's for the night. We are going to take the kids to an Easter egg hunt tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I will feel better by then. I came upstairs and laid Lillian down on our bed while I worked on some blinkies. I don't know how I did it but I made some. She is sleeping in her crib now. I put her in there before I took a shower. Then I went back on the computer and made some more. I wanted to make some more days of the week blinkies. So I made ones with hearts, ones with rainbows. Last night I made some with daisies, which I am using now in this journal. They are all available at The Blinkie Lover Zone Club. I am going to take my medicine and some NyQuil and go to bed. Thanks to everyone for you kind get well wishes. I hope I feel better soon too.

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April 11: I woke up this morning and I couldn't talk again. I lost my voice once again. I kept losing it all day once I did get it back. I didn't feel like doing much today. I just watched television. I did manage to straighten up a bit but I was just too tired and worn out. I haven't done my walking exercises in a couple of days either. Hopefully I will start feeling better once the antibotics kick in. The only trouble I had today from the kids was one of them, the main one that picks on John, broke his watch. He said "finders keepers". I told him that he knew it was John's and it wasn't very nice what he did. He kept telling me to shut up and it wasn't my business. I told him you don't tell grown-ups to shut up and yes it is my business because it has to do with something of my son's. Well when his mother came home she gave me $2 for the watch, even though it only cost .99 at Burger King. Then he just kept calling John names. Some kids are so mean. He is going to learn his lesson someday. I hate to say it, but I think he's going to deserve getting beat up when he messes with the wrong kid and I'm hoping it's John that kicks his butt. My husband just came home from working a double so I'm going to go watch TV with him and I'm hoping maybe he'll rub my back. But I'll probably end up rubbing his

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April 10: Uhh. I am so sick of being sick. I wasn't getting sick at all there for a few months. Last time I got sick was in July of 2002. And it wasn't even this bad. My throat is so sore from coughing and the drainage from my nose. I went to the doctor today and he told me I had a sinus infection. He gave me an antibotic. I came home and took a nap before John came home because I was so tired. But I only got to lay down for about a half an hour. My husband went out with a couple of friends of his. He is home now though. I went to visit my cousin with my mom. Her baby boy is 2 months old now and is almost as big as Lillian is. She is so little compared to other babies a lot younger than she is. She was jibbering away at that baby, it was so cute. After our visit, Mom took us to Burger King. John wanted to go. I had eaten all day so I ate a BK Big Fish sandwich. Then we went to the store so I could pick up some baby food, pop, and chips. I think I am going to take some cough medicine and going to bed.

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April 9: What a day! It started out fine. I did a little net surfing while Lillian and my husband slept this morning. Then when my husband woke up we went downstairs. He watched some TV. I did the dishes and straightened up a bit. He left for work around 3 o'clock. Then John came home around 4 o'clock. While he was playing outside some of the neighbor kids started picking on them. I told them to stop but they were saying that he started it. He can be antagonistic sometimes and I am working on that with him. But these kids are just as bad. I told John to just stay away from them, and that there are kids here that he can play with. It started from yesterday. Two of the kids kept running up to our door and slamming against it and the wall. My husband was off from work so he was there through it all. I ask them to stop several times and they just kept doing it. So my husband took enough, he went outside and told them to stop or he was going to shove is foot up their a**es. As you can probably guess that didn't go over to well with the parents. But here's the thing, they tell me about today when my husband is not here. I was told by one mother that I was afraid of everyone else that's why I don't say anything to the other parents. This was actually my best friend in school. But we just have too many differences now to be friends. Her kid was one of them. I told her that we had asked them to stop doing that several times and my husband just got fed up. No it wasn't right that he cussed at them but he was just mad. And the worst thing is the kid lied to her about what happened. He forgot to mention that we asked him several times and that he was making faces at us while we were relaxing together. I am the first to admit that my son is not an angel but he is just learning to fight back. There are a lot of big kids here that pick on the younger ones and it's about time that he starts sticking up for himself. I am teaching him that he shouldn't pick fights or lie to me about situations. He is learning. I am also teaching him that he shouldn't tell people what to do or other mean things to them because they won't want to play with him. I know he has friends at school and he gets along with them but this is where we live and he needs to learn how to get along with the kids here too. I think some of these parents here are just as childish as the kids themselves. A lot of nosy people around here. I like living here and there are people that I do like, only a few but there are people that I like. I mostly keep to myself. You can see why. Now that I vented I'll tell you what I'll be doing. My husband is taking a week's vacation starting next Friday (Good Friday), he said he is going to help me Spring Clean again. I told him that we can do that but he can also take it easy for a couple of days. Computer wise I am going to be working on some premades. This will probably take awhile because I want to make sure they are just right and worthy enough to sell. I will also be making more blinkies (purchaseware and linkware) and blinkie racks. I need to get John into bed and Lillian in her crib then I am going to work on those graphics.

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April 8: It was a dreary day from the start. It was raining outside. With the weather and me getting sick again I was not feeling well today. I have been tired all day. My husband came home early and we went to the store so I could get something to make dinner and milk. I didn't get to take a nap when Lillian did because by the time she decided to it was too late. John came home and wanted to go outside. It stopped raining so I let him. I had fixed dinner as soon as we got home from the store. I just let John go outside then he ate dinner when he came in. We just watched TV. I was going to do the dishes but I did feel like doing anything. I am going to have to do them tomorrow though. John got his bath and is now watching a movie, he is going to be going to bed her a few more minutes. Lillian is passed out on our bed. I will put her in her crib when I am done here because I want to take a shower. I did, however, manage to make some more blinkies. I made some Zodiac blinkies. They are really cute. Of course you know where to go to get them. You must be a member of the Blinkie Lover Zone Club. Well I am going to take a shower and go watch TV with my husband.

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April 7: It was cold out again today. I want to start working in my garden so bad. I still have to get some flowers though so no hurry. I just wish the weather would stay warmed up instead of getting cold then warm then cold again. I was over my cough but I'm getting it again because of all this weahter changing. My husband had the day off today so we watched some movies together and played with Lillian. We had her giggling so much, it was so cute. He had to go get his truck serviced before his darts league tonight, so he left around 2 o'clock. When John came home from school he wanted to go outside, I let him but he came in about half hour later. It was too cold and it started to rain a little bit. When he came in I made Hotdogs and Tater Tots for dinner. We ate dinner while we watched some cartoons. I fed Lillian her food before I ate mine. She is eating more baby food than formula lately. Which is a good thing. Her top tooth is starting to come through. I seen the very bottom of the tooth. It should probably come all the way through in a couple of days. After dinner John went back outside for a bit. While he was riding his scooter, I did my 3 mile tape. Then I had him come in and take his bath. Lillian was a little cranky so I put her in the tub with him. That helped out some because he was getting her to laugh and splash. After the bath, I gave her a bottle and she fell right to sleep. John watched one movie and fell asleep. I have been making some blinkies. I made 6 of them so far tonight. So the Blinkie Lover Zone Club is updated. We now have 34 members in the club. I would love to get more. I am working on something very special for the club but I'm not going to reveal it right now.

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April 6: Today was very cold outside. It was mostly the wind though. I watched TV with my husband before he left for work. John came home around 12 noon. He wanted to play outside for awhile so I let him. He wasn't out there very long though because he was getting too cold. After my husband left my friend, her son and her boyfriend came over. I had her help me with John's closet. I knew that if I had someone helping me I could get it done faster. All I did for today was get all the clothes he had piled up in there and put them in a box, then I got out some broken toys that were on top of the pile. I will tackle it better this week. I basically just got most of it away from the door so it wouldn't push it open. I have to do that to our closet too. I am going to rent a carpet shampooer hopefully this week. We have to get reinspected at the end of the month. We didn't fail our last inspection we just needed to get the closet fixed so it wouldn't push open the door. After I did that I rewinded all his movies again and picked up his toys. I told him that if he doesn't start keeping his room clean then he is not having any more friends come over. When I finally finished that we went downstairs and watched a movie. We didn't finish it all, they had to leave. So when they left I took the kids upstairs and took a nap. Lillian fell asleep in my arms when we were watching the movie so when we went upstairs it didn't take her long to go back to sleep. I put her in her crib and John slept next to me. It's been a long time since we've done that. He doesn't take naps very often. We slept for a couple of hours when my mom called. We took the kids to Dirty Bingo with us because I couldn't find a babysitter. John was pretty good considering. Lillian was being fussy and only wanted to be held. But she wasn't too bad either. I ended up winning a blue candle in a jar. It smells wonderful. I did have a couple of other prizes but I got them taken away from me on the last two games. When we got home I gave John a quick bath and put him to bed then I gave Lillian her bottle so that she could go to sleep. They are both snoozing away right now. I made a couple more name blinkies for the Customized Blinkies section of Blinkie Lover Zone Club. I am going to be making some collections here soon. I weighed myself yesterday and saw that I lost 2 more pounds. I have also reached 100 miles with my walking tapes.

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April 5, 2003: I was going to set up for the yard sale again this morning, but nobody else did so I didn't. I figured there wouldn't be anyone coming in just to see one yard sale. I will see about getting another one going here in a couple of weeks. I took the kids to my husband's restaruant to have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Then I took John to get his haircut and decided to get mine cut too. I don't like my hair too long during the Summer. So now I look like a little pixie as my husband would say. I also stopped at the store and picked up baby food and diapers for Lillian. John went up my parents for the night. Lillian fell asleep a little bit ago and my husband is downstairs watching the Final Four games. I just got done making a few more additions to the custom name blinkies. I think they are cute. One of the ones I made is below. I also added that each time you buy 3 name blinkies you get the 4th one free, and you don't have to buy them all at once. Well my husband wants me to make him something to eat, then I'm going to take a shower because my head iches from the haircut.

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April 4, 2003: This morning after my husband left and John went to school, I thought I was finally going to get to sleep in. But then I seen that our apartment complex was having their yard sale. So I went ahead and stayed up to put some of our things out. I sold a few things. We only stayed set up until 1:00 because it started to rain. I'm going to go ahead and set up tomorrow morning too because I would like to sell the rest of the things I had taken out today. I will probably have better luck tomorrow since it's the weekend. Hopefully it won't rain. My husband got home early and he brought home our rent money, so I went up and paid that. John brought home his report card for the third nine weeks. It says that he doesn't know how to write his last name but I know for sure that he does. Other than that he is still doing good. We still need to work on his reading though. It stopped raining so I let him go outside for a little bit. I will probably let him stay out longer since it's the weekend. Lillian is a little cranky today. Her top teeth haven't come through yet and her gums are a bit swollen. Right now she is in her Johnny Jump-Up. I am going to take her for a little walk around the block her in a few minutes. I made a few updates to the Blinkie Lover Zone Club. I am now charging for custom blinkies. I figure it's worth it and I should be allowed to charge for my time because some of those take a lot of time, which I don't mind a bit. So why not make some money. I think a lot of them are cute and I will be making some more so there will be lots of choices. Well I need to make a phone call then I'm taking her for a little stroll.

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April 3, 2003: Before I got John on the bus, he and I took Lillian up my mom's so that she could keep her while I went to the store. After he left my friends and I went to the store. We all rode in my friends van. I spent almost $150 at Super Walmart. I was the big spender of the day. I got some Coke for my husband, Crystal Light and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi for me, and Hawiian Punch and Chocolate Milk for John. I also got some plums, carrots, bacon bits, salad dressing, soups, Hot Pockets, hamburger, chicken, white milk, cookies, bread, bagels, english muffins, cream cheese, some candy for Easter, tuna, hotdogs, spaghetti noodles, sauce, parmasean cheese, croutons, crackers, and french fries. I bought several kinds of a few of those things. I think I did really well actually because they had some really good sales and I got dinner ideas for the next couple of weeks. I still need to get a couple more things which I will probably do tomorrow. I need to get Lilly some more baby food because she is almost out. I have been feeding her some table foods but nothing major yet. She loves Jell-o, which was something else that I got today. I don't buy a whole lot of junk food because I don't like to eat it very often and I don't want John or Lilly to get a taste for junk food instead of more nutrious foods. I do let him get something once and a while. He never did like candy though. Well after we went to the store we stopped and ate Lunch. We had a good time. We got home around 1 pm. I got to spend a little bit of time with my husband before he went to work. After he left I waited until John came home then we went outside to sit for a little bit. I came in the house around 5 to do my 2 mile tape. John played outside til 7 then I brought him in and fixed him dinner, got his bath, watched a movie then he fell asleep. Lillian didn't take very long to fall asleep either. My husband ended up coming home early because he was near overtime. So he said they cut him early. He is watching TV right now. I not going to be doing any graphics making until this weekend. I want to start on John's closet tomorrow while he's in school and my husband is at work. My husband has to go to work at 8 tommorrow morning so I will do it then. I am just going to get rid of a lot of his toys that he doesn't play with. And since I'm going to be doing that I better be getting some sleep because I haven't slept good these past few nights.

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April 2, 2003: I didn't do much computer work this morning, because it was nice out and I decided to sit outside with Lillian. We came back in the house so that I could do the dishes and straighten up some. I also did my 2 mile walk this afternoon. My lower back is starting to give me some trouble again. Right now it's just a dulling pain. My husband worked day shift so when he got home he let me go to bingo with my mom. I didn't win anything. I was hoping I would but no luck. I am still going to Super Walmart with my friend in the morning. We are leaving right after the kids get on the bus. I will probably go to bed right after I'm finished updating because I have to get up at 7:30 and stay up all day. I have been so tired lately. My doctor told me that I was Anemic. He ran some tests to see if it was my Thyroid but it wasn't, he doesn't really know why I get that way. I think exercising is helping out some because I'm not as tired as I use to be. I am also losing a lot of weight too. I am so happy about that. I am below my normal weight right now but I would like to get way down to my goal weight. I still have a way to go but I know I can do it. I am going to start taking walks with Lillian in the mornings, plus doing my walking tapes. I have 33 members in the Blinkie Lover Zone Club now. I have a few new ideas for blinkies and other things that I will work on this weekend. I have to clean out John's closet this weekend too. I am going to get rid of a lot of things because he doesn't really play with anything in his closet. I'm dreading it because it looks like a big job. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I am going to keep his cars and a couple of his games but most of the stuff in there is either broken or most of the parts are lost. I want to get it done and over with that way when we get our three bedroom we won't have so much to move. Well I am going to finish up so I can go to bed.

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April 1, 2003: This morning I found a link to a great doll maker and decided to make some dolls. These are beautiful dolls. I am going to add a new section to the Blinkie Lover Zone which will include dolls of all kinds. I have made dolls before but those are the regular kind. I will be adding them too. They won't be up for adoption but will be just for display only. I may decided to add them here but I will think about that some more. I have had a headache all day but it's not a bad one. It's been aching above my left temple all day. I just took some aspirin. After I'm done here I am going to take a shower so maybe that will help out some. John went back outside the moment he came home. I just got him in around 7 o'clock so that he could get his bath. I gave Lilly one at the same time. She loves splashing around with her brother. It must have worn her out because she is sleeping. Hopefully she will sleep most of the night because here the past couple of nights she's been fussy throughout the night. Today I noticed that her top left tooth is almost through, which explains her fussiness. Her gums aren't swollen at all but you can see the four upper front teeth ready to come down. That must be so hard on a baby. I gave her a cold wash cloth to chew on today and that seemed to help out. She also ate some blue jell-o. She had blue lips, it was cute. I have to get to the grocery store soon, but I won't be able to go til Thursday. I am going to go to Super Walmart with a friend of mine. We are going to go out to lunch and make a day of it. John will be in school and my mom said she would watch Lilly for me for a couple of hours. Well I am going to go take a shower now. The dolls are already added at the Blinkie Lover Zone but I have to added them to the page which I will do tomorrow. One of them is on the front page here. I liked that one the best. I will be making some new blinkies in the morning too. So look for the updates tomorrow afternoon. Oh almost forgot to say that I walked 2 miles.

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