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April 30: I can't believe it's almost May already. That means that Lillian will be a year old in a month. That's hard to believe. She is growing up so fast. Thank you to everyone that has visited me lately. I will try and stop by to see you all too. It makes it hard when my browser won't let me see certain pages. Hopefully we will get our new computer soon. We had it paid for but we had to get the money back because we needed it. So now we have to pay for it all over again. It won't be too hard because it's only $200. My husband is helping the friend that is building our computer, unpack all their things because they just moved into a new house. We have been talking about getting a house but right now we can't afford it. We are going to start saving some money back for a down payment on one. We also might just wait until we move to North Carolina too, which would probably be a better idea. The weather was really nice today during the morning and early afternoon hours. Lilly and I walked up to my mom's and I washed a load of laundry. When John came home he showed me his yearbook that he got. Then he went outside to play. We came back in little bit ago because it started to pour down rain. It was funny to see him run and scream. He just got out of the bathtub and is now in his room watching a movie. I told him I would come in watch it with him so that's what I'm going to do now. I will try and visit some of you tonight.

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April 29: Today was actually a pretty good day. I had a talk with on of the parents of the kid that's been picking on John. I explained to her that I didn't like the fact that he has been making fun of John every single day. I also said that I understood that kids will be kids but being called names and basically emotionally tortured everyday is too extreme. So when her son came down stairs to get his shoes on for school we both talked to him and John. We said they don't have to like eachother but since we all have to live here then we need to get along. When they got home from school there wasn't any problems. I was relieved and I hope it continues to stay like this. I talked to the other parents last night and today. I told them the same thing. The constant "torture" has to stop. I am getting sick of it. And hopefully it has come to a halt. I found John a new pet. It was quite a surprise to me though because I just looked down when I went to get John to ask him a question. I walked back toward the house when he started coming back and I saw what looked like a fake turtle toy. Well when I went to take a closer look I saw that the turtle poked it's head back in it's shell. It is no bigger round then a quarter. It is small and very cute. It was just sitting on the curb edge all alone. One of the kid's mother here said that there are usually more turtles around when they are just babies but I didn't see any, unless they were down in the drain where that one was next to. We named him Mushu, from the dragon in Mulan. I think it's a Box Turtle because it doesn't have the markings to be a Water Turtle and it doesn't have a mouth like a Snapping Turtle. Right now we have it in a fish bowl until I dig out the aquarium that we had for the other turtle he used to have. My husband and I talked about it and we decided to let him keep it because it would teach him responsibility. And also he is older than what he was when he had the water turtle. Since both of the gerbils died, the turtle is our only pet now. Well I am go talk to a friend of mine who called me and wanted me to come out and talk to her.

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April 28: Today was a pretty good day to begin with. We had our re-inspection because of the closets and carpet. We passed that. She said that it was just that and we didn't have to worry about not passing anymore if we just keep it the way it is right now. Hopefully we can do that because the carpet is crap. I don't know what kind of carpet the 3 bedrooms have in them but I sure hope it isn't the kind of carpet it is in ours now. My husband went to help his friend finish moving and he's not back yet. My mom and I are both upset with him because he wouldn't stay home and watch the kids for me for only an hour and a half. We took them to Wendy's to play bingo with us but John wouldn't behave. My mom got really upset and we ended up leaving early. I hate to see her get worked up because she has had so many strokes. I called her a little bit ago to see if she was alright. She said she was and she sounded a lot more calmer. I told her that I would talk to Shawn and let him know that she gets upset with him because he doesn't want to do anything with us it seems. He does have a tendency to do that but he is a good father overall. It's also hard for us to do anything as a family too much because he works a lot. But when he has a day off I would like for him to give me a little break. I think all you mothers out there now what I mean. We deserve a break once and awhile. I know he loves us but it's hard sometimes. I added my homework assignments for May 1st.

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April 27: Yesterday was a busy day. John went to a birthday party at a skating rink. It was for one of his friends in his class. He had a really good time. There was another little girl from his class that was also there, they were holding hands while they skated. It was cute. After the party we went on a picnic in the park. John played on the swings for a little bit while we sat and finished eating. By the time we got home I was tired so I took a shower and just went to bed. Today was just as busy. My best friend came over and brought her son so that he could play awhile with John. After they left I had John and Lilly lay down for a nap. My mom called before she came to pick us up so that I could get them up and ready. We went to see a show. They called it a circus but it really wasn't. It had Russian acrobats. It was pretty entertaining. Lilly was getting so excited it was really cute to see that. John won a prize at the half time intermission. When that was over we went to Burger King. By the time we got home it was too late to give John his bath so he is in his room right now sleeping. I can hear Lillian jabbering away but she will probably be out soon too. I am going to head to bed myself here in a bit. My husband is helping a friend of his move so he won't be home for a couple more hours. I probably won't wait up for him because I am getting tired.

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April 25: Sorry there was no post for Thursday, I just didn't feel very good and I wasn't on the computer very much yesterday. Today was just like yesterday but I am posting today so that you won't think anything is wrong. I am feeling okay. I just have an upset stomach and my kidneys are still hurting from the UTI. I am, however, getting rid of that. It's almost gone. I just remember I forgot to call the doctor today, OOPS! Oh well, the medicine is clearing it up so I guess there's nothing to worry about. Why is it that when you are trying to teach your children values there are others that spoil your work? We are trying to teach our son that he shouldn't fight, hit, or call people names but there are other kids here where we live that constantly pick on him. He came home today with a big mark on his back but all the other kids said that John hit the other boy first. Now this is the same boy that is always picking on him at the bus stop and here at our own playground. I am trying to tell John that it is not right to hit other kids for no reason and he shouldn't even hit back. But all my efforts are going to waste because the other parents aren't teaching their children to do the same thing. John will learn and someday those other kids are going to get what they deserve. They have no respect for other grown-ups, no respect for their own parents even. I will continue to teach him what is right. One of the parents, who is supposed to be a friend of mine, tells me that I need to beat my kid more often. I don't believe in that kind of punishment. Well I am teaching my child to respect adults and to not fight. That's all I can do and maybe if the other parents see that it is working then they will teach theirs the same.

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April 23: Before Shawn took the Rug Doctor back to the store, he cleaned my mom's carpets for her. We figured why not since we had it for 24 hours. It was pretty cold outside today. This weather is crazy lately. One day it's hot and the next it's cold. I love the Springtime but this is nuts. Lillian and I took a nap when Shawn left to take the Rug Doctor back, then he went to go help his friend get his new house ready to move into. When John got home, my mom, Lillian and I took him to go get impressions of his feet done so that he can get inserts for his foot. Then my mom had to go pick up her prescription from the store. After that we took the kid's to Burger King. We just went through the drive-through. When we got home, I let John play outside until about 8 o'clock. He and Lillian are taking a bath right now. I am about to go give her a bath and get her out. She has been fussing so I think she is ready for bed. John is going to get his bath and eat his snack while watching a movie before he goes to bed. I am going to read his Library book to him before he has to take it back tomorrow. He and his class had their group picture done today. I am feeling a little better. The pain is not as bad when I have to go to the bathroom but my back is still hurting. I think this prescription is great. It's fast working. Well I better get in there and get her out of the tub. It sounds like she having fun though. She is splashing and laughing.

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April 22: John went back to school today. After I put him on the bus I laid back down for a little bit since Lillian was still sleeping. Shawn and I got up around 9:30. We stayed in bed and just talked for a while. I called my gynocologist this morning because I have been having pain when I go to the bathroom since yesterday afternoon. I knew it was a Urinary Tract Infection because I've had them before. The doctor told me to go ahead and come in. So we went to her office and I got a prescription. I have been having some back pain too and she said that was caused from the UTI as well. I have to drink Cranberry Juice and take the medicine for a week. Hopefully it will start working soon because it hurts. After the doctor we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate lunch. Then we went to rent a Rug Doctor so we could clean the carpets. After we got that we came home and Shawn cleaned the carpets. It made a big difference. It was amazing. I straightened up the closet while he was doing that. Then I just rested on the couch for awhile. I am having some back pain now so I will probably go to bed early tonight. I am so tired and sore.

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April 21: John's was supposed to go to school today to make up one of the snow days they missed but we let him stay at my brother's girlfriend's house last night. He came home around noon. He was pretty tired but he didn't take a nap. I went up to my mom's and did her dishes from Easter dinner. She wasn't feeling well this morning. So I thought I would help her out. When I went back home, we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. That is a great movie. It was the first time I seen it. I can't wait to see the other ones. This evening my mom and I went to Wendy's to play bingo. I didn't win anything this time but I did get Shawn and John something to eat while we were there. I had John come in to eat his dinner then he and Lillian got their baths. John was watching the Rugrats but he fell asleep in the middle of it. I figured he would since he didn't take a nap. Both of them are out like lights. I took a shower just a few minutes ago. Shawn is downstairs watching wrestling. I am going to head down there in a few minutes. I want to download a couple of songs before I do. I hope everyone is doing well.

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April 20: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. John, Lillian and I went to church with my mom. After church we went up mom's for dinner. I helped her with it. Shawn came up. Then we all went over my grandmother's to see them. While we were over there my uncle said that he would scan some pictures for us if we brought them over, so Shawn and I rode over there. He scanned 3 pictures for us. I have a family picture and two of John & Lilly together. I fixed them and I am put them up on a page, so if you would like to see our family just click on the blinkie that says Family Pictures. Well I am going to work on a couple of other things then I am heading to bed.

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April 19: First I will tell you about yesterday since I didn't get a chance to post about it last night. We took John to his doctor appointment around noon. When we got back home I forgot to stop and get the icing for the brownies I was going to make for the picnic, so my husband went and got that for me. While he was gone I went ahead and made them. By the time he got back the brownies were cooled down enough to put the icing on. We had just enough time to get ready and go up my mom for the picnic and egg hunt. John, Lillian and I walked up and my husband took the truck and the rest of the stuff. There was quite a few kids there because my brothers both brought their girlfriend's kids. I think all of them had a good time. My mom and my aunt hid 160 eggs. They found them all too. All of them got at least $1.00 and lots of candy. After they had the egg hunt they ate. My husband and I wanted to go out so my mom said she would watch the kids. So we left while they were all eating. First we went to Garfield's and ate dinner. After that we walked around the mall a bit and stopped at Sam Goody. I picked up the Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets DVD for John for Easter. Then we went to the movies and seen Anger Management. That was a really good, funny and charming movie. After that we stopped at Walmart so that I could get a phone card for our cell phone. Then we went to the bar that my husband plays darts in his league. We played about 5 games. I won 3 out of 5. I was surprised because I hadn't played darts in a long time. Way before John was born. When we were finished we came back home and just spent some time together. Mom kept the kids all night. This morning she brought Lillian down because she had to go to work. But John stayed up their house. I did the dishes and finally got around to clean John's room. I just cleaned it for today that way when we go to rearrange it, it won't be a mess. Then I wanted to go into town to get a couple more things for John and Lilly for Easter, we went to the store and I picked up some baby food for Lillian and a couple other things. Then we stopped at the Dollar General and I got a coloring book, a couple of book for John to read and some bath toys for Lillian. While I was looking around I seen some really cute things with Ladybugs on them. I found a wind chime and a thermometer. When we got back home I took Lillian and walked back up to my mom's. I helped John color Easter eggs. After that I came home and fixed dinner for Shawn and I. Right now he is playing video games. I am about to put Lillian to bed because she is fussy. She is probably tired and it's her bed time anyway. I am going to take a shower and then I'm either going to work on a couple of things on the computer or go downstairs.

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April 17: My day started out great. I started my walking tapes again with the 2 mile. I cleaned up the house again. I was going to start on John's room but I really didn't feel like dealing with that today. I know I need to get it done but I'm putting it off for now. I will do it this weekend though. Everything was fine up until the kids came home from school. When John came home he just wanted to go outside and play so I let him. I took Lillian out and sat in the back where I could see him. The two kids that are always picking on him started their crap again. John being the passive type of person like I have been just ignored them. But they just kept at it. John started throwing stones and I told him to stop. One of the kid's parents, who is supposed to be my friend, yells at her kid, who has been picking on John, to go ahead and throw rocks back at John no matter what John's mom or dad says. I told her that I wasn't saying anything to him I was telling John to stop it. She kept yelling back at me telling me that she heard me say her son's name. First off I wasn't saying his name I was saying John or John Paul, depending on how many times I said it. Secondly I wasn't even talking to her son even though he had been picking on John all day. But of course they don't see that. Well being the kind of person I am I try to go to her house and talk to her. I took Lillian in hoping that we could have a civil conversation. She wouldn't even let me say anything. All she did was threaten me. She told me that if I wasn't holding the baby that she would hit me. She told me to leave and I was trying to talk to her calmly. Well she didn't want to hear, she said she was getting sick of all this. Well if she is getting sick of all this then she needs to teach her kid some manors and teach him to respect adults because all this kid does is mock adults and talks back. I would never let John get away with what this kid does. It just makes me so angry. I started crying because I was so upset. I even have a headache right now and my eye is twitching, that's how mad I am. Well when this ladies husband came home she was sure to tell him all about it so he came over to our apartment and threatened my husband. Now first off my husband could and would kick his butt because this guy is so skinny and short. My husband is 6'2" and weighs 200 lbs. He could easily rips this guy a new one. But being the gentleman that he is he just sat in his chair and took it. But he did say that if you don't want me to say anything to your son then call off your kid on mine because John will learn to fight back and there's not a darn thing you can do about it. It's pretty funny when the parent tells you if you have a problem then go talk to them but when you do they threaten you. It's that crazy? Well thanks for reading my venting. I am feeling better about it but if it happens again I don't know what's going to happen. I told my husband tonight that I want to move, because I am tire of all the crap. I did like living here but it's becoming a nightmare. We are talking about moving to North Carolina. I don't know when though. I did manage to get most of the remodeling done on the site. You may notice that most of the pages now match the main page. Hope you all like it I know I do.

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April 16: After my husband went to work and John went to school I went back to bed for a little bit